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Advanced Certified Paralegal Program

The CP/APC certification program offers professional certification for paralegals immediately upon completion of their training. In 1982, NALA instituted the Advanced Certified Paralegal program, an advanced certification for those with the general certification, to recognize specialized knowledge and assist in career development. Twenty years after the institution of the APC program, a special task force was appointed to look at the specialty program and see if changes were needed. The Task Force determined it was time to redesign and restructure the program. The result is the Advanced Paralegal Certification program.

In 2006, NALA unveiled a new web-based format for the advanced certification program. Over three years in development, this program will increase access to advanced certification for paralegals working in specific practice areas. Beginning in July 2006, the following Advanced Paralegal Certification programs are available:

Advanced Paralegal Certification programs are now offered in the following areas:

The Advanced Paralegal Certification program of NALA is administered by a board composed of experienced paralegals, attorneys, paralegal educators, and paralegal managers. Paralegals who have a valid CLA/CP certification credential from NALA and successfully complete an APC Course are awarded use of the APC credential to signify this outstanding achievement. Paralegals who do not have the CLA/CP certification are welcome to participate in these advanced programs. The credential will not be awarded, however.

For more information on the Advanced Paralegal Certification program, visit NALA's website at

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