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VOTING MEMBER: Any paralegal meeting the definition of a paralegal as defined by California Business & Professions Code Section 6450, residing or employed in California, with more than six (6) months of work experience. Voting Members shall have the right to vote at all general membership meetings and the right to hold an office within this Association. All other rights and privileges of voting, associate, student, and sustaining members shall be the same.

ASSOCIATE MEMBER (Non-Voting): Any paralegal otherwise qualified as a voting member, or an individual special interest member (such as an attorney) who would like to support PASCCO.

STUDENT MEMBER (Non-Voting): Any person (a) not a graduate of a paralegal program, (b) with less than one (1) year's work experience as a paralegal, and (c) enrolled in an educational institution's paralegal training program. Student members may also be persons being trained in-house, whose attorney-employer attests in writing to such training.

SUSTAINING MEMBER (Non-Voting): Any law firm, corporation, governmental agency, educational institution, legal support services company, or special interest entity that supports PASCCO's purposes, goals, and aims. Sustaining members shall not use PASCCO affiliation for purposes of solicitation, marketing, advertising, or other commercial purposes without the express written approval of the PASCCO Board of Directors.


Membership is valid for one year commencing on the date you are admitted as a Member.
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